Boddlers, and other news

It’s been quite an emotional time in the Neat Freak household lately, mainly because a lot of things are changing.

Mini-me is starting ‘big school’ in a matter of weeks and boy is she excited!

Last week we were one of a large collection of local families walking their offspring into an induction morning at the village school, and from the torrential downpour to browsing the second-hand PTA uniform sale to watching Mini-me playing happily in what will be her reception classroom, it was one of those surreal occasions you’ll know you’ll never forget.

A few days ago Mini-me brought home her ‘graduation’ photo from nursery (yes, they really did put them in caps and gowns!) and this week we’ll be attending her ‘leaver’s assembly.’ Something which I thought wouldn’t come up until much later.

Although I doubt she’ll be singing a selection of nursery rhymes for the viewing parents when she reaches 11!

It’s all a lot to take in during what seems like a very short space of time, and before we know it we’ll probably be watching her in the school nativity play.

If this wasn’t enough ‘parental processing’ to deal with, Blue-eyed boy has recently decided that, yes, he does have the ability to walk. Better late than never!

His current favourite pastime is to stagger in highly comedic fashion, while pushing his colourful plastic walker, up and down the lounge chuckling with glee. He’s really chuffed with himself and it’s lovely to see. Especially as the lazy little bugger is way behind many of his friends.

Blue-eyed boy is yet to really take off, but it’s hopefully just a matter of days or weeks now, and a whole new chapter in his life is about to start too.

All this has made me rather nostalgic for his and Mini-me’s early days and I’ve found myself poring over old photos and videos.

I’m not sure if I’m even ready for him to become a toddler, but then he’ll probably always be my blue-eyed miracle baby.

Hubby came up with a great name for it all. ‘He’s neither one thing or the other at the moment is he…’ he pondered. ‘It should be called the boddler stage!’

So before Mini-me dons her uniform and heads off into the big wide world of school, I hope Blue-eyed boy will remain my little boddler. At least for a while…


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