You can have it all. It just might kill you…

Have you ever played that game where you imagine what your dream dinner party line up would be?

You know the one, where you can invite anyone you like to sit around ‘the table’. (A bit like a normal Saturday night must be for Amal Clooney.)

Well along with Lauren Graham, Bill Bryson, Tom Hanks, Nora Ephron (yes I know she’s dead) and Kirstie Allsopp, I’ve always thought mine would include Emma Thompson.

Because along with being brilliant, funny, just the right amount of bonkers and a great British export, she always comes across as nice, normal and someone who wouldn’t be above feeding crispy chicken dippers to screaming offspring.

But then a couple of years back she gave an interview where she spoke about the perils of trying to have it all as a mum. She talked about how hard it is to juggle career and being a parent, and how having it all at once might not be good for you.

What’s she on about?! I thought to myself.

Surely you should be flying the flag for working parents who are trying to have it all Emma, I muttered to myself. After all I’ve always thought of you as someone who does that.

I said the same to hubby who quickly became bored by the conversation…

Anyway, a while further down the parenting track, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Emma’s words were actually very wise ones.

You see I’ve spent the last two months trying to have it all and the plain fact is I’m bloody knackered, the laundry pile in the house is now so large that it is soon to be named a local landmark and quite simply it hasn’t brought me happiness. It’s made me, and most people around me, stressed.

I haven’t had the time in my life for all the little things I used to love, such as blogging, and what I’ve realised is that, at least for me, having it all at once has not been a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong, going back into an office has definitely had its upsides. Tea rounds, office banter and child-free lunch hours being three of them.

But trying to manage full-time hours with other freelance writing jobs, the school run, seeing friends and family, trying to have quality time with Mini-me and Blue-eyed boy and all those little bits of ‘life admin’ that you have to do to keep things ticking over has been really hard.

Plus on top of everything else Blue-eyed boy is facing challenges of his own (more of which another time), and I need and want to be around to give him all the help and support he needs.

So the upshot is that I’m going back to freelancing – for the next couple of years at least.

When I realised that this was the only decision that made sense for us right now I couldn’t help feeling like a failure. After all so many parents juggle much more than I do on a daily basis, and they manage, so why couldn’t I?

Fortunately a very good friend was around to mop up a few tears and give me some more wise words.

‘You tried it, it didn’t work for you at the moment and so you’re making a change,’ she said. ‘At least you gave it a go, and that’s something to be proud of.’

A much better way of looking at it – and another thing this whole journey has reinforced for me.

Like most mums I really rely on my friends, and I’m lucky because they are a bloody brilliant group.

In fact Amal really should invite them over…


6 thoughts on “You can have it all. It just might kill you…

  1. Oh please don’t feel like a failure! My mum worked full time and I felt nurtured and loved but my grandma looked after us a lot. I still don’t know how my Mum did it and as I approach returning to work, all be it only part time, I’m terrified! I like Emma Thompson as well as she recently came to a town near me in Yorkshire to protest about Fracking. Good on her and good on you.


    • Thanks Hannah. I think the juggling is immensely hard whatever you decide to do about work. For me at least working from home makes things easier, and it was only going back into an office environment that made me appreciate just how lucky I am. I hope your return to work goes really well and you manage to quickly find the balance that’s right for you! Thanks for reading.

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  2. Oh how I wish I could be sat at George Clooney’s dining table……a woman can dream!!

    This is a great post, I can honestly say that if I ‘had it all’ I don’t think I would feel the happiness that I currently feel. I always think sometimes people put too much emphasis on the need to have it all, I just want to be a good mummy and raise my son with manners, good morals and lots of love 🙂 x x x


  3. I’ve been there too! I judt couldn’t hack full time work. I’m a single parent and I felt like I was hardly seeing my son, I hated every minute and the nursery fees were crippling too. I ended up reducing my hours to part time and then looking for an opportunity to work from home. To be honest I feel like I’ve got it all now rather than when I was working in an office. I felt like I barely had my life together back then, it was one worry and stress after another. So don’t feel like a failure. Doing what’s best for both you and your family is very admirable indeed!


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